What building inspections disclose

Why do you need a building inspection?

A building inspection will disclose issues with the building that usually only an expert can find and a qualified building inspector should be used to provide you with a report:

    • To ensure structural integrity.
    • To disclose property defects.
    • To disclose defective plumbing.
    • To disclose substandard construction.
    • To disclose building settlement.
    • To disclose ground drainage issues.
    • To disclose leakage defects.
    • To disclose general deterioration.


  • A building inspector’s report will avise what, where and how serious, or expensive found defects are.
    A building inspector will look into places like foundations, structural framing, insulation, ventilation and roof condition.
    A building inspector will examine the building’s safety, eg. wiring and fixtures, fireplaces and chimneys, railings on staircases and decks.

    If the building inspector’s report finds and lists issues with the property, you reserve the right to ask the property consultant to reduce the price or to fix the problems before the sale proceeds.

    Please note the above list is a general list only – read the contract to view what is inspected and reported upon.

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